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Peter Perkowski, Founder

Perkowski Legal was founded by Peter Perkowski, a Los Angeles-based lawyer with a national practice, whose extensive experience includes working as an attorney and partner in international law firms. Click below to learn about Peter’s professional background, notable cases, education, and publications to date.

Our Mission

Perkowski Legal serves the legal needs of businesses and individuals in the creative-cultural industries, including sports, entertainment, music, arts, publishing, research and development, tech and biotech, advertising, fashion and design, toys and games, medicine, and education. Click below for more information.

We offer a wide range of legal services for individuals and businesses, such as:

IP is the life-blood of the creative industries. We can help register, protect, license, enforce, and litigate trademarks and copyrights, as well as defend against wrongful accusations of infringement. We also advise and represent clients in patent, trade-secret, and right-of-publicity matters.

We negotiate, prepare, review, and advise clients on business contracts and other deals, particularly in the sports and entertainment industry.

But when business relations lead to disputes, our work includes advising and representing clients in pre-litigation, litigation, and appellate matters in many areas: business torts, unfair business practices and unfair competition, false advertising, securities, and intellectual property.

The creative-cultural industries thrive on the free-flow of knowledge, information, and ideas, as well as spreading creations far and wide. We offer immigration services, preparing and filing employment-based worker visas for artists, entertainers, athletes, faculty, medical professionals, and specialty workers. We also handle family-based immigrant visas (from marriage or adoption) and represent immigrants in removal proceedings.

Creative, Strategic, Casual


Our firm, and the legal work we do, reflects the clients we serve. We are creative: like our clients, we think imaginatively, considering legal problems with different perspectives, and crafting innovative solutions to legal problems. We are strategic: we work with our clients with one eye on legal goals and the other on business ones, thus achieving results that often add to the bottom line rather than subtract, and helping you position your business to thrive. And we are casual: unlike overly formal and stuffy law firms, we take our cue from our clients, continuing to produce high-quality legal work in comfort and style. Unless the situation requires, you’re likely to find us in jeans and Chuck Taylors, not oxfords, ties, and blazers.

The Ecosphere of Southern California

Though our practice is national in scope, our location—Los Angeles—is emblematic of the work that we do. LA is home to many key creative-cultural industries, perhaps most well-known of which is film and television. Hollywood isn’t just a Los Angeles neighborhood, it is the symbolic name of entire business.

Even beyond that, other creative-cultural live and thrive in Southern California, among them: arts districts in downtown and Venice; tech start-ups in and around Santa Monica’s “Silicon Beach”; software and electronics in San Diego; powerhouse college and pro sports teams near downtown, Westwood, Carson, and Anaheim; fashion education and manufacturing in downtown; pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and biotech in Orange County; sports and entertainment districts throughout the region; and prominent centers of medicine, education, and research at USC, UCLA, UC Irvine, and elsewhere.

We exist to serve these local industries, and others. Together we can create, win, and grow.

Downtown Los Angeles